It takes a phenomenal amount of energy to be fully conscious and to grow in consciousness. Therefore one must have the greatest degree of health and vitality as possible. Therefore I am going to share many medicines that I partake of, as well as others that many have used to good effect. What each of you does with this information is entirely up to you and your inner guidance. I never tell another what to do, especially when it comes to health regimens. The truth is that we all have a divine and unalienable right to call whatever we wish a "medicine" and to use all fruits of the garden as we see fit and to our benefit. No man or organization of men has a right to deny us this right. We are wise to use our common sense and native intelligence in this regard.

We can be our own physician and treat ourselves successfully to a very large degree if we wish to. This requires discipline, knowledge, research and intelligence. There is, in fact, a vast, planetary paradigm shift in this direction as I write and it is growing daily. Our extended family in the star nations will also be helping with this in the future, following their first contact. For now I will simply share the knowledge I have and we all can go from there.