The Drifter Trilogy is a prophecy of the new earth being born. To hold this future paradise in our hearts and minds is only half the medicine. The other half is to command it into being with unconditional love through the divine science of prayer. This is not as far away and unreachable a state as one might think. This is the master consciousness, where we see that all is one and one is all.

There is only one root cause of all the troubles on planet Earth and that is a lack of love and consciousness. This command is the able medicine and remedy in our view. The command of this transcendent love is the only force powerful enough to change this world and return us all to our lost paradise. There are enough of us here who are capable of this now to make the critical difference. If you feel so prompted to engage this command, then do consider that it is yours to do and then go forth with commanding power and passion. When only four percent of the planetary population engages this kind of command, it will come to pass through the universal laws of creation.

We are just beginning this new endeavor and have now installed the first prayer command on the site. The first command will stand for a time in order to build participation and energy. We are also starting in our own backyard here in America. Most especially during this current national pain and crisis, we need to focus love, healing, empowerment and inspiration in the most powerful way possible. Other prayer commands will follow as time goes on as we reach around the whole earth. We will also soon make available some very ancient spiritual crystal technology that has not been used since the golden age of Atlantis. In those days this spiritual knowledge and technology was used to maintain harmony and balance throughout the whole planetary system. We are bringing it back from the most ancient of days and once again into application.

Our powerful prayer task force will then be at full power and ability to dissipate the force of wars, terrorism and suppression, raise the vibrations of nations, groups, organizations, corporations, governments, and individuals. We can absolutely dissipate hurricanes, quiet earthquakes and volcanoes, end floods and droughts, quicken all life upon earth, transcend diseases, deflect comets and give star-burst blessings to the planet as a whole. We can also invoke ET and trans-dimensional communications. We are also at this time preparing a very special storm dissipation command for the future. We declare with all command and power that America has seen the last hurricane that will ever hit our shores. If enough of us command this so, it shall be so.

A great master once said, “Do you not know you are gods?” “The works I do, you shall also do and even greater things.” The time has come to step boldly into this divine command and make it so. This same master also taught all to love our enemies. The deep wisdom of this teaching was twofold. The first is that in order to master self one must embrace the master consciousness, which sees all people and all life as family and as one. This frees us from the bondage of endless duality and conflict. The second reason is that Love Conquers All. The time has come to make this a living reality. This is the only available escape from the bondage of the lower realm and its harsh conditions.

Thank you for coming and being willing to be the god or goddess that you are. Thank you for your love and blessings. Thank you for holding the vision/command “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Live long and prosper, be fearless and free, be the love you were meant to be.

I Am, at your service
Michael Silverhawk
And company

Any or all of us may engage the prayer command at any time and thus recharge its power. However, we are setting a time zone synchronicity engagement for 3PM each Sunday Pacific Time so that the maximum number of us can simultaneously combine our decrees and commands more powerfully.