What lies ahead is a grand journey of unveiled mysteries, universal knowledge and timeless truth. It is time the world had the truth and the whole truth of earth, mankind and the larger universe. All of this knowledge has flowed down from the ascension plane and the Grand I Am Father/Mother God. I have walked the spiritual path of knowledge for 44 years. I am adept at the stillness meditation and trans-dimensional communication. I spend an average of 4-5 hours in this state every day of my life. All this knowledge and insight came to me from this stillness as well as the entire Drifter prophecy and all related insight that it contains. Later in the ministry these techniques will be fully shared and explained so that all may engage this process if they so desire. It is not complicated and all may accomplish it if they wish. If true knowledge is shared then it is no longer secret. It is time for all to have this knowledge and empowerment so that mankind can finally ascend higher and find his way home. It is time to unveil the mysteries. This world can have divine triumph in all things. There is no need any longer for us to languish in darkness and ignorance. In the higher realms there are no problems, but only solutions waiting to be seen and understood. We all have the ability to "tune in" and receive. This is not a "special privilege" but a divine birthright of every human being. So let us proceed into the light of God that never fails.

The true head of this ministry is none other than the Mighty Sananda Himself, (also known as Jesus) to the larger world. He came into my meditation one day and announced that he was going to be my "partner" in this grand endeavor of prophecy and ministry and to help get it all out to the world. So is this a "Christian" ministry? No, in fact, it is an Edenian ministry. This term will be fully explained further on. You must realize that Yeshua Ben Joseph, the true Hebrew name of Jesus, was not a Christian. There were none at the time. He was an Essene and became an "Essene master of life and spirit." He reclaimed his conscious oneness with the Grand I Am and all of his spiritual gifts and powers as well. He stepped out of the false consciousness of duality and imagined limitations and into the true consciousness of spiritual unity. All is one. All is God. He became the original "Adamic Mankind." He became a true Edenian. That is what we are all seeking to accomplish as well and what the purpose of this ministry is. We are here to eventually become "Masters of life and spirit" while in the physical kingdom of density. From here we ascend into the ultimate state of universal mastery. Life then becomes unbelievably awesome for us forever-more.

I realize this is all coming at you rather fast and much of this knowledge will seem "exotic" and strange at first. However if you just surf along with it and "test" it all with spirit, I believe it will begin to "resonate" with you as high truth. One thing I always found hard to take was when someone with knowledge assumed that I was "not quite ready" to receive it. That is quite a judgment from someone who doesn't even know you. I will never do that to you. I assume that if you are drawn to read this in the first place, then you "must" be ready or you would not be here at this site. This will challenge many of you to stretch and grow wider and higher. That is what we're supposed to do, isn't it? Explore our own potential and abilities? Why else are we here? So let us proceed.



What exactly is the sun and all the other suns we call stars? There are swirling galaxies of them, all with vast central suns in the center. What is this, for God's sake? It is the infinite, eternal universe, we say. We gaze in total wonderment at it seeking to understand. Countless generations of man have done the same. World religions have formed to explain it all. Science tells us a star is simply a "fusion" process, as if there were no intelligence happening to birth it and guide it. It's just a technical happen-stance. An odd and curious phenomenon, easily explained with the scientific method. What utter blindness. Let's shed some "light" on the matter of stars.

This teaching was indeed a Sananda download. Stars provide all the light in the universe. They make life itself possible. Without them, there is only the void. What is the real power that brings them into being, we wonder? Why are they born in the first place and how exactly? They are brought into being by pure love and intention. First you have to understand that God, the Grand I Am, the Ultimate Source, is qualified as both male and female principalities. You can see this reflected in our local creation. Creation is a dance of the male and female energies. Therefore, the Creator is as well. Father/Mother God, you see. God is a unity of these essences. What do fathers and mothers do? They make love, do they not? They have children, do they not? We at the human level can see this quite plainly. We do it all the time. So too, do the Grand Majesties. What happens when "They" make love? What happens when Creation and Creator unify with love and passion. When Matter and anti-matter meet. There is a "fusion", to be sure. There is a glow and radiance from this fusion of love and passion. In fact, a "star" is born. How awesome is that? So as you try to gaze into that, you will go blind, it is so bright and powerful. It lights up whole worlds and all the heavens with radiant affinity. RA. Or AMON RA. Divine Radiant Affinity. God's love, you see.

Now do the Parents of the heavens have children? Of course. You are one of them and are living upon another called a planetary being. Do Mom and Dad play favorites? No, they shine upon all equally and love all with infinite passion. How rich this truth and perception is. It is love and passion that lights the whole universe and gives life and sustenance to all the children without ceasing. The Grand Majesties thus create, sustain, and govern all of creation with their love and passion and supreme unfathomable intelligence. And we are the children of all of that. Why this means that all creation is in fact, "family" and is all related. All have the same parentage in truth. All is family. This truth makes the universe a bit less forbidding and cold doesn't it? It is all one in love as universal family. You can travel a trillion light years away and it will still be the same unity of love and the Majesties will be there to meet you and care for you. A wondrous thought, isn't it?


Now we go deeper into the grand mysteries. What is happening at the microcosmic level, or the "atomic level"? Well, we have discovered that the atom is a particle that is the building block of all manifestations in creation. The atom has a nucleus; a solar nucleus in fact. Around this nucleus revolve protons, neutrons and electrons, as we call them. The smaller particles are governed by the solar nucleus and held in place by gravity in a stable orbit. If you were to get into a spacecraft that could shrink in size down to a vessel much smaller than an atom, you would discover that the universe at the microcosm level appears identical to the universe at the macrocosm level. It would all look like tiny stars and galaxies. Oh wow. This means that the Grand Majesties are creating and sustaining and governing at this level as well. Their intelligence and "presence" is everywhere at every level of creation. How can they know your every thought and if a sparrow falls to the earth? "They" are all of it all the time. Is this not incredible and wondrous? It boggles the human mind. This means that your human body is made up of countless atoms, all of which are governed by the Grand Majesties. It means that we are like "universes" of galaxies and stars at the micro level. Are there infinite numbers of intelligent beings and life-forms within our bodily universes? Probably. Then that means that we, the I Am of the body is like the "GOD" of our universe, in a sense. Quite a responsibility, isn't it? Then I guess we'll need all the help we can get. Thus we reach out and within to the Grand Majesties and their agents of light and love...........if we are wise. Let us then be wise. This gets really "out there", doesn't it?!

Don't worry. Help and insight are now on the way. Keep reading.


You can call all these teachings and insights, food, for the stillness meditation. The abyss is a special romp through time, space and eternity. This is where you can "gaze" into the ultimate depths. This is the journey into Eternity and Infinity. Let's go into eternity. When was the universe born? No one knows. Was it ever born or has it always been? No one knows. The scientists declare they know and say it was a "big bang." This is speculation and many of them are now admitting that fact themselves. They don't know. No one does. You see, we at the human level deal continually with "limits." It is so far to the nearest star. The galaxy is so many light years across. A human life is just so long more or less, etc. Well, we tend to want to impose limits on creation and the universe as well. However, the limits do not apply. This is the abyss of wonderment. We cannot get our minds around eternity with no beginning and no end. It's inconceivable. We can only allow our mind to melt into the wonderment of the abyss. There we sail along in a state of utter awe. And there is nothing to be done about this. It just is the way it is and will never change.

Then there is infinity. Worlds without end and time without end. Really, love without end, in truth. Wow. We travel 10 trillion light years to the tenth power and still it goes on and on. And if the creation does end, then there is the endless void beyond. Nothing? No end to that. The universe fades from view as we travel and still nothing and no end. Either way it is infinite. No end in sight. We cannot get our minds around this; only lose ourselves in it. This is the abyss of wonderment. It's a marvelous meditation and brings us to a state of ultimate "humility". Humility is an imperative if we wish to master life at some point in eternity. How can you not be humble when you allow yourself to fully experience infinity and eternity? You are "compelled" into humility.

Alright. Let's get back to earth and our "classroom" of experience. Let us engage the next insight and teaching.


The right question is not "is there other life out there?" The right question would be, "where is there no life out there?" The answer is, life is all there is both here and out there. We just have to expand our definition of what life is. Life and consciousness are multi-dimensional. There are many kingdoms of life and consciousness, such as the soul plane and the higher heavens. How many? I have no idea whatsoever. That is part of the abyss as well. Also if you see life and creation at the atomic level, whereby the Grand Majesties are creating and sustaining every atom and governing its life with Their ultimate consciousness, then you can see that everything is in fact, "alive" and conscious. Rocks, trees, animals, planets, stars, all.....of....... it. Where then is there no life? There is no such thing or place. Even so called empty space is filled with frequencies and vibrations. The music of the spheres. The light and music of the stars. How's that for a meditation?

So the Grand Majesties are , in fact the "King and Queen" of this Empire of Life. This empire also contains the "Civilization of the Universe." This is created, sustained and governed by the Grand Majesties at every level and in every "kingdom" of life and consciousness. Wondrous.


Now every galaxy that contains billions of stars and is governed by the great central sun, can be seen as a civilization in itself. It is composed then of star cities or universe-cities.

A planet is then, a universe-city. A university. A place of higher learning and a vast realm of experiences. Now just like a college campus, you have a great variety of potential classes and subjects to choose from. You also have recreation times, like spring break when you can go to a resort and romp and play. There is a grand garden as well as a free roaming zoo of every plant and animal imaginable. This is the universe-city of earth-Edenia.

Now, we as souls, actually incarnate here in physical bodies in order to participate in this particular vibrational kingdom. There are also infinite numbers of such universe-cities throughout creation. The object for us is to learn how to eventually master life, love, mind and spirit within density and within the higher kingdoms as well. Each human life we live then is properly seen as one semester within the universe-city. Our ultimate goal is to earn our "masters degree" then and become tenured professors of life and mastery throughout the stars. So how many of these "semesters" does it take to earn the masters degree? Hundreds, even thousands. Really, just think of how much there is to learn and master in life. We learn by doing and experiencing. We have to get our hands dirty. One can take the much slower and safer method by remaining on the soul plane. You know, heaven. However the physical plane offers the opportunity for quantum leaps and rapid progress. It's all good though. Suit yourself. We do have free will in this choice. However once a semester is engaged we are duly obligated to play it out and see it through. It may be quite a challenge for us, but keep in mind the briefness of its duration. At the most its only a hundred years or less within eternity. Its a walk in the park from the Soul-I Am perspective. From the human level however, it can sometimes seem like endless torment. It's not though. It's only the working dynamics of rapid growth, spiritual recovery and mastery. Pain is a powerful motivator for change and mastery. That is why we all chose to come here. God! "What was I thinking", you might ask. Well, we were thinking we wanted a safari of grand adventure, romance and evolutionary soul growth. So here we all are. Way cool.

So from here we'll go into some of the dynamics and special effects of the universe-city, along with various players and plays. Read on. If you're "ready".


What are we really? We are eternal spiritual beings having various experiences within one kingdom of life or another. This all goes on forever and we are forever as well. We are multi-dimensional beings with many levels to us. The soul-I Am level is our "individualization" of God Him/Her self. I had the great privilege of actually "seeing" my own presence with the spiritual eye on the inner planes. This was facilitated by Sananda and my wonderful angel wife Suzie Uriel who had just recently crossed to the soul plane. They had me gaze up and into the radiant presence of my own I Am presence. I saw Suzie's as well. We looked like sun-beings of radiant light. It was an utterly awesome sight. One just knows the truth at that point. We also have an etheric body, a mind body, an astral body and finally a physical body. The physical body is animated by only a single "filament" of our ultimate radiance from the soul-I Am that we are. We are children of the sun and the stars. We are eternal beings of light with no beginning and no end. This is the ultimate "gift" of Father/Mother God. You might want to peruse the teachings of another master professor of life and spirit known as Saint Germain. His teachings cover all this at great length. I actually met him in his "tangible" form. It was overwhelming and unforgettable. The master professors are quite "real".

So on we go through eternity until the masters degree is attained. What a prize indeed. Well worth the effort I assure you. Now each life we live gets us one or many steps closer to mastery. All experiences serve that end and are valuable lessons. I like to think of the soul I Am as a mighty locomotive. Then each human life becomes like an attached "railcar" full of the treasures of wisdom and experience. The many cars are always attached to the locomotive and all contain the collective "treasures" of our experiences and mastering's. We'll have hundreds or thousands of cars before we come to the caboose at the end. That will be the life whereby we ascend with our degree. That most ancient soul we know as Sananda/Yeshua was the ascension caboose life of his soul. What a spectacular and inspiring accomplishment. Makes you want to "keep at it". Well, that is how it serves.

So we actually have soul ages, you see. For a grand tour of that knowledge, I recommend reading "Living with Soul" and "Death Without Fear" written by my good friend Tony Stubbs. It's an amazing compilation of work, backed up by compelling proof and evidence. He identifies the soul ages as baby souls, ones brand new to the physical plane, young souls, are ones getting the hang of it and usually rather eager and vigorous. Then mature souls, who craft most of the soap operas of life. Then the old souls who usually just want to be left alone. The final age is ancient or universal souls. They come in with completion missions. Kind of like post grad work that finally ends with their masters degree. Anyway, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel with fine works like Tony's readily available. Just go to for his works.

I just want to point out that soul experience and age does not make one better than another or more or less deserving of divine love and consideration. At the I Am level we are all equally radiant and powerful. The beggar on the street has a radiant I Am presence operating that life of experience. One day he too shall be a master of life. This is good to keep in mind so to avoid the pit-fall of arrogance. We are seeking master balance in all things. Sananda-Jesus was a grand teacher of this truth and loved all with unconditional radiant affinity. We can all take a fine lesson from his life. Love is what we're after and love is why we came. We came to become masters of it.

So then onward.


So we have covered what we are as eternal I Am spiritual beings. What does this really mean then? What is different about us from the other creatures? They are all part of God and are conscious and alive. The majesties are living in them as well and in the plants and rocks and planets. Why are we different? The difference is that we are individualization's of the Majesties. We are three-fold flames of divine radiance. We are beings who are self-aware and can be self-realized. The Majesties can actually live Their life and mind consciously in us and through us. That is why we were created. They wanted to be close to all their creations and love it all with hands and feet and hearts. They also wanted to explore the fullness of Their potential as being. Therefore, multitudes of Their presence was required. Through self-realized beings, They can also manage all things. We are agents of Their will and love and purposes. We are direct children of the Majesties. They are the King and Queen of all creation. Therefore, we are in fact, all Princely sons and Princess Daughters of the Most High and heirs to all They are and have. We are spiritual royalty. Quite a different cup of tea than the accusations of the fallen archangel, isn't it? No, he said. You are miserable sinners. You're nothing but dirt. You're orphans who were abandoned and left to die. God cares nothing about you. Therefore come with me and worship me, he said. Sorry Atonel. You lose. The truth is outing now. Your false kingdom is no more. Go home and atone for your rebellion. The Grand Majesties are once again in full command of this creation and so it shall be forevermore. It is finished.

The universe is filled with a multitude of self-aware beings, in fact. Why would the Majesties create only one kind when They have infinite potential and power? Self-aware intelligence is an awesome extended family throughout the stars. We will be meeting many of our star-flung brothers and sisters very soon. They have come to help us through the great tribulation of awakening and coming home. That's what family does. We help one another in times of need. One day the people of earth Edenia will do the same as we step into our divine power and victory once again. It is love that rules the universe. This is the ultimate truth. Waywardness and rebellion are only temporary experiences. It's all just part of growing up and out. We learn from folly. We always return to home and love in the end. You see, there is nowhere else to go. Home and love are everywhere present. Separation is only illusion. There is no truth to it. It only seems real. Duality is consumed by unity. All is one and one is all. There is no getting away from it.

So now we'll venture into what it means to be a Prince or Princess of the Most High. We'll now explore how to get back into it and how it all works. If you are "ready" that is.


In the previous topic we mentioned the extended family of higher consciousness throughout the stars so we'll go into that a bit more deeply. As you well might imagine there are multitudes of beings of all kinds across the heavens. Some are in fact human like us but many are quite exotic in appearance. They work with open minds and hearts here on earth through psychic connection. Many of you creative writers of space opera and sci-fi are "receivers" of this contact, though often unconscious of the event. The Star Trek series was heavily influenced by them and subjects such as the "prime directive" were direct downloads. The directive is, in fact, a real universal law of non interference in a planetary evolution. That is why they don't just come crashing in here, even though we have many "sightings" all the time all over the earth. They will land and say hello when the time is divinely right. It should be very soon. We have been watched over from the beginning by this holy host. There have also been the equivalent of "biker gangs" from the stars that have given us some very hard times along the way. Those ones have been prevented from going too far, however. It has been quite a long and involved drama to be sure. There is a lot going on across the galaxy and the universe in general. Anything you could imagine and much more than you could ever imagine is indeed happening. The universe is very "big" after all.

There are many people who have written a library of books covering all this and we will include them and many web-sites in our recommended reading and research list page on this site. There is a federation of planets who serve the Grand Majesties in numerous ways. There are advanced civilizations and highly evolved beings who are many millions of our years old. There are billions of stars and planets in this one galaxy alone. My God it is vast. "Are we alone" is the silliest question I have ever heard. No, we have just been in a state of "quarantine" and isolation for a time while various problems could be worked out. The isolation is soon coming to an end and we will rejoin our galactic family and the federation as members in good standing. What a day THAT will be. I myself work closely with the Pleaidian Bird Tribe command of the federation. As galactic neighbors, they live just down the street. They are mostly all of human-kind and some you could not tell apart from earthmen. Although they might give you the "feeling" they were from somewhere else if you met them down here. We'll cover a bit more about my connection later on. I will just say that I was born here and am part of this planetary experience. I did not jump off a starship. We are just....very close.

The federation is part of a larger outfit known as the Universal Order of Malchezedek, as you would phase it in earth-speak. This order serves the Majesties across the field of galaxies. This is really getting out there and there is no point in delving too deeply at this time. But we'll cover some relevant points as we go along. This universal brotherhood communes quite freely with the multi-dimensional universe. They interact with the ascension realm and archangelic realm as well. Most of them can travel inter-dimensionally and through time also. It is all "family" and we all work together as a team. That's the way it is and has been and always will be. Be at peace. There is only love "out there". There is the odd "boogie man" as well, but they don't amount to much in the larger picture and scheme of things. The Majesties want to explore their full potential of being is all. We are all explorers with them. We are also exploring our own potential as well. That is the liberty of self-awareness and intelligence. That is the divine right of spiritual royalty.


There is a multitude of misconceptions about this magnificent being. One of the things he's about doing here is to clear all that up and set the record straight. I refer to him as Admiral because he commands our Majesties Royal Star Navy of the Galactic Federation. There are many Ascended "Admirals" But Sananda would seem to be top God if you will as far as the task force goes. I asked what his ascended name actually meant. What does Sananda mean? He explained that it is a name from ancient Sanskrit. San means "princely son" and ananda means divine peace or divine bliss. Therefore he is a princely son of divine peace. "Prince of Peace" then. We will be clarifying his true teachings in this ministry so all can become clear and refreshed if they wish. If not, well, go your way in peace. No harm, no foul, catch you later.

Apparently the Admiral has given me a Captains Commission in this star navy. Therefore I refer to him as Admiral. The title "Master" is also quite apropos. "Professor" will do as well. These grand masters have a vast range of operations. I have been allowed to see part of that. We will know it all when we earn our own degrees. They are like "principalities" of being at the ascended level. They can multiply themselves infinitely and therefore handle and attend many worlds and beings simultaneously. They are like cosmic web-sites, if you will. One can log on to their vibration along with countless others at the same time. Pretty hard to comprehend, actually. They have full liberty to appear in all kingdoms of life and spirit, including this realm of density in a tangible form. They can adjust their appearance at will, as well. They serve the Majesties in vast ways we cannot imagine. They need never sleep, nor eat, nor do they need vacations. Ascension is an incredibly wondrous state of being. When you do ascend, all the lives you've ever lived and all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge you've gained through eternity, blend into one with your Mighty I Am Soul. It boggles my mind, to be sure. Ah well, back to the lessons then. I reckon ascension is a ways off yet.

The Admiral wants all to be clear about the fact that he did not come to earth to start a religion. He came to achieve true mastery in the physical dimension and to show the way for others to do the same. In the mastery he actually demonstrated what one becomes when you re-awaken to universal truth and being. All the spiritual gifts and powers inherent in all of us, awaken and come back on line. We regain our oneness consciousness with all that is. Remember He said "Do you not know ye are gods?" "You marvel at the things I do, yet I tell you, these and greater things you shall also do." That is, when we also awaken to our ultimate truth of being as well. That is the task before us.

He also never said he was the "only" son of God. The "Church" said that. They can be forgiven this error when we see that ancient time in its context. The world 2000 years ago was steeped in fallen paganism and the worship of many gods and idols. For a new Church and religion to have appeal, it had to subscribe a bit to that sentiment, lest the people fail to relate to it at all. Therefore Yeshua became Idolized and the cross became a symbol of worship. Yeshua said though, "Do NOT worship me, rather worship the ONE who sent me. You see he tried to steer the people away from idolatry and back into true unity consciousness. I reckon he also knew this was going to be a long piece of work. Well now we can set it straight in these last days of darkness before the new dawn. We are ALL gods and goddesses. We are all children of the Most High Majesties and are ALL Spiritual Royalty. Yeshua came as a man among us. He was an ancient soul ready for ascension. He came to lead us out of the Luciferion kingdom and the web of lies and spells. And what one man can do, another can do. That was the lesson and demonstration.

I asked about the matter of Mary Magdalene, if I could be so bold. I asked if they were man and wife and did they have children. To my surprise he simply said "Yes, of course." "I was a man among you, was I not?" I was hoping I wasn't crossing the line on that subject, but apparently I was not. He wants to dispel all idolatry now so that all can become free and empowered with the ultimate truth.

He also says that there is quite a "host" of masters in ascension. Among them are Himself, Saint Germain, Babaji, The Buddha or Siddhartha, Mohammad, (how about that), White Eagle and many more. They are all good friends. They do not compete and they work together in harmony for the good of all. To them, people who fight over religions are much like small children fighting over toys. Imagine that, will you. Well, that will all go away with the coming of the grand new dawn. Are you ready?

Let us then begin the refreshment of the true way and teachings.



What temple? Where is it? It is the temple of ADAM KA AMON. Which means Adam(man) Ka (as/with) Amon (God) Man as God and God as man. We are one with God already. We have just fallen under a spell of duality, is all. We only need awaken and remember. You ARE the temple. You are walking around in it all the time. How do we open the temple then? "KNOCK and the door shall open." The "door" is right in the middle of your chest. It is also known as "the sacred heart." It is the throne room of God within. To knock you simply tap this area a few times with the passion and intention of awakening a communication with the divine. This is how I begin my meditation/communication every day. You see, anyone, everyone can do this. Then there are the other actions of mind and spirit that are vital. SEEK and you will find. What is it you wish to see and know. Take that desire to the throne within and you will see. Be humble and "like a little child' with innocence (inner sense). Have an open mind. Then ASK and you shall receive. I wish to know and see.....whatever. I wish to understand. Then most importantly BE STILL AND KNOW. This is the most difficult until you get accustomed to it. Stilling the ego mind chatter and random thoughts. In the stillness, the insights, knowledge, wisdom, revelations and inspirations will "emerge" almost magically. I am in this state right now as I write. I am in ongoing communication with Sananda and the Grand I Am. You don't think all this wondrous knowledge is coming from the limited mind of one little man do you? Certainly not. However, when we regain communion and communication with the higher, our minds are expanded and our consciousness grows immensely when it combines with spirit. This is the "secret of the sacred heart." This is how we regain our royal spirit and ultimate freedom. Now it is yours again. Free of all misconceptions. Its almost startling with simplicity.

KNOCK, SEEK, ASK, BE STILL AND KNOW . This was and is the true teaching. It does take time, practice and dedication to master it, however. Your passion and desire will fuel your journey. Do you really want your spiritual freedom and to be whole, happy and fulfilled? Well, that is the ultimate question. It is all up to you now. All the heavens and masters await your decision and are always standing by to assist. Take it or leave it, I reckon. You are a royal, sovereign spirit of free will. Do as you will.

I can tell you about some special effects that come with this that may inspire you to proceed. Everything I have written here and before has come with this and through this action and practice. The grand Drifter prophecy was downloaded over an 18 month period. Then there is the divine ecstasy. That can come at a moments notice. It is an overwhelming love from the Ultimate Source. It will quite sweep you off your feet. This can get ever more intense with what I call the "weeping rapture". This is a love so powerful that all you can do is weep with joy and ecstasy. You feel if you do not weep you will vaporize with bliss. Since you are here on mission you have to weep in order to remain. There is only one thing you want upon experiencing all this. And that is MORE. The song "addicted to love" comes to mind. Yeah man. It's all true. And what one man can do, another can do. To be sure. The final question is, will you? You don't have to wait until you are driven by some crisis. Go ahead on now. Why not? You have nothing to lose but your imagined limitations. This is a private matter as well. No one's going to watch or hear. This is between you and the divine alone.

In this communion you can find answers to every problem and challenge and ongoing guidance for every facet of life.

Now as you open your temple you become one of the holy hosts. A host is one who opens their home to entertain guests. Well, the guests here are The Grand Majesties, along with masters, angels and perhaps loved ones on the soul plane as well. Suzie and I talk quite freely at times. She is indeed in the land of glory. So open the door and windows of your temple. Take them off the hinges, even. Let the winds of God blow through and the silver river of Amon RA quench your thirst for light and love. Its all yours for the asking, free of charge. Well, not quite. One must pay the ultimate price. You have to pay ATTENTION. Sounds kind of funny huh? Well, how busy are you? Will you MAKE TIME for this or not? We shall see. When you get a real taste of the rewards, I'm sure that you will find the time as often as you can. It is "compelling" to be sure. There is nothing the world can offer that even remotely compares with this experience.


The sacred heart IS the Christ Portal. It is like a trans-dimensional "star-gate", if you will. It is through this portal that you get to God. This is in need of some clarity as to what the Christ really is. This is the way into the kingdom of heaven within. This has gotten turned around a bit by the Church as they taught that only through Jesus can we get to God. This teaching made him into an idol. It was a simple rewording and interpretation of his teaching. Yeshua was a "master" OF the Christ and as such, a Christ being. Thus all his followers were "captured" by religion, rather than set free by the spirit and truth itself.

You must realize that the bible was a composition of 56 books, all written by different authors at different times in history. It was compiled and organized into a book by the first priests of the Roman Church. These were not perfect masterful men. The book was not written by the master nor compiled by him. The priests declared that his divine guidance was present and involved in the writing and organizing of the book. No doubt it was, however those men were influenced also by the world, its politics and its society. This was unavoidable. The hope was that the idolatry would slowly be replaced by clarity in time. However, idolatry is still prevalent to this day. Ones are worshiping Jesus still, even though he bade them not to. To revere and admire him as the ultimate example of mastery is fine indeed. But the real reason not to worship him is because you need to make your own sovereign contact with the Grand Majesties within. Otherwise you will never become a master of life yourself, but instead tend to strive for your master of choice to master your life FOR you. This can never be. Surely he can help, guide and inspire. But it is you who must master self. How else can it be? This is common sense.

So one can become a master of the Christ and spirit just as Yeshua did. That was the whole point of his teachings and demonstrations after all. With this very imperative point lies the difference between your ultimate freedom and your continued dependence on outside symbols, idols and icons. Quite a vast difference indeed.

So to become a Christ being or a being in Christ, is to travel through the portal of the Sacred Heart to the throne within. Then you have reestablished communion and communication with the Ultimate Source; the Grand Majesties. I want to be clear that we are not out to destroy the Churches or Christianity itself, but only to "heal" it and hopefully give it back its "wings". With the Master's help, that is.


So what exactly is this "born again" experience all about, as taught in modern evangelism. In truth it is one of the first "initiations" that opens the door of your temple. It is experiencing the reality of the spirit and the Grand Majesties. You now "know" it is all real. Many people seem to think this is it, this is all there is. I'm "saved" now. Well, yes. You are saved from total darkness and ignorance. However, to be born again is not the end of the journey. It is only the very beginning. Many, many initiations are to follow one upon the other as you grow in mastery and consciousness. There is no end to this, in truth. You will continue to grow wider, higher and larger even after ascension. Even "that" is not the end, but only another beginning. How "big" is God after all? God only knows. So don't go thinking its time to "kick back" all satisfied after you find the reality of spirit. There is always way more ahead. It's infinite and eternal after all. This is truth and really should be self-evident upon deeper meditation and contemplation and on going experience. There is no end to knowledge and spiritual growth. It is an eternal path of knowledge and becoming.


An entire book could easily be written on this subject and perhaps has. The difference between knowledge and belief is as dramatic as the difference of being in or out of prison. So if you are content with three hot's and a cot, then blow this off and go your way. Knowledge is a profound experience that blossoms and emerges directly from the heart and then enlightens the mind. Belief is an experience of choice made by the intellect and desire alone. One can "passionately believe" but it is still only belief. Let's venture an example. You are a spiritual being having an experience in density. You can choose to believe that right now. You can say, "well that makes sense and I can see how that could be. I like the thought of that, so I will "believe" it." As a man of knowledge I would counsel you otherwise. Believe nothing, I would say. Be still and invoke divine "insight" and experience until you "experience" the truth of it for yourself. Never rest until you do. When the experience comes, you will know. You will know beyond doubt that you are indeed a spiritual being and not a mere lump of mud.

Belief is far easier to attain than knowledge though, isn't it? It's a simple act of blind faith. However, the tendency then is to follow me (or someone else) around because I say I have this true knowledge and you are too lazy to get it for yourself so therefore I'll hang out with the guru and maybe it will just "rub off" on me. It will not. You don't need me or anyone else to get this knowledge. And you can only get it from your own application and stillness with spirit. It will never come to you any other way. You will not be "saved" by my knowledge but rather only through your own experience and contact with Source. This is why these teaching topics are so brief. They are only "subjects" for your own meditation whereby you attain the true knowledge directly for yourself. Nothing less will ever set you free. Do you want to be truly free and to know for sure? This is the ultimate question, isn't it? Or will you be satisfied by belief alone.

The world is full of true believers of every religion. True believers will even go to "war" to defend their beliefs. There are whole belief "systems" that have been created for you. One can have their need for "tribal unity" satisfied by joining one of these belief systems, however, you then are obligated to bow to a "collective" mind-set or risk being exiled from the group. Not much freedom there, is there? No room for creative free thought or questioning at all. This becomes a true "cult" of belief then. One becomes a slave to the collective beliefs. Then whatever the cult demands as put forth by the cult leaders, "must" be obeyed without question. All religions have this tendency to bind and "condition" their members. This is true in all sects of religions as well. This is why this ministry has no official members, hierarchy or temple buildings, nor is there a holy tome. The teachings here are designed to "set you free" of all of that. Once you step into freedom, you will then be meeting the others who have done so as well and there you will find the "fellowship" of spiritual freedom.

Like does attract like.

This is why Admiral Sananda chose me to work with rather than a true believer. Because my mind is free of all imprisonments. I seek direct knowledge from the heart in all things rather than the laziness and "coziness"of belief. To become a master of life and spirit is the greatest work that will ever come your way. It is the "great work". If you are not "ready", then simply go your way in peace. One day in one semester or another, freedom and "Ultimate Source" will come for you as well.

I have questioned and challenged every belief system that came my way, religious or otherwise. I will never settle for less than total truth. None of this comes easy, mind you. It takes hard work and application. In my 44 years on this path of knowledge, I have dedicated 113000+ hours to this meditation and contemplation in the search for truth. That is 13 years 24/7 when you condense it down. (I tested these numbers with kinesiology.) I have been utterly "astounded" along the way by true believers. They pound their bibles as the perfect "word" of God and tell me I should believe as they do so I can be "saved". I reply by saying, "why not get the word of God directly from within with stillness and resonance. Why would you trust a written book over direct contact?" " Because the heart and mind of man is evil and cannot be trusted." They say. It is written in the book, they say. (quite a handy teaching to keep everyone from going within and questioning the conditioning.) Well then invoke divine protection to shield you from evil then and proceed to "listen up" in true living communion. Why would you trust a book in blind faith that was compiled from scrolls written by un-mastered men and then compiled and crafted into a book by a group of other un-mastered men. Even if the master himself had written the book, it would still have been handled and mis-handled by un-mastered men. (I'm not saying you should burn the book. It is an amazing compilation of teachings and history. However, great discernment with the single eye of spirit should be wisely exercised in reading it..)

So then, by God, these un-mastered men set out to craft a world religion, proposing to intercede between you and God and then to build temples, secure property, establish dominions and run the thing as a world business. Or to have world-wide ministries to secure funds for more expansion still. Then they hold the master teacher up as a deity for you to worship, even though he said not to do that. Then if you are a true believer you can do any horrible thing you want and be cleansed by confession or "washed in the blood" and everything's okay again until the next cleansing. That's okay because you were born in sin and are less than perfect. Only the master was God in flesh and you are never expected to measure up to that or achieve it yourself, are you now? Just believe and be okay until the kingdom comes. Well, for your information, the kingdom has come and is calling to you right now, by the way. Are you ready?

Well, this all looks to me like some of the little rascals got involved in here somewhere. The last thing the little rascals wanted was for you to become a master of life yourself and talk to God directly. Then you would break free of all their deceptions and bindings, wouldn't you? You would come to see the prison of the soul for what it was. A prison. You would break free utterly and soar with the spirit in divine ecstasy, breaking all the bindings of matter and lies and fly free just like the master teacher. If you are a true believer, then you are calling this blasphemy. If you are a being of true knowledge you are in a standing ovation. How's all this for meditation food? Know the truth and the truth will


As we grow along on this journey of awakening, these gifts and powers will awaken one by one. They were pretty much all demonstrated by Yeshua during his earth mission. There is levitation, trans-dimensional communication, healing power, telekenisis, direct creation from the adamantine particles and atoms, command over the elements, power over life and death, rejuvenation of the body, teleportation, psychic mediumship and prophecy. We are all potentially pretty powerful indeed. All these powers are latent or dormant within every human being. Some people have one or more of these powers activated after a near death experience. Touching the other side can have a lasting impact upon us. All will be activated the more we awaken and master ourselves within density.

In my prophecy of the future earth and mankind, the people of that world are all fully activated. Its an entire planet full of Yeshuas; masters of life and spirit. What a world THAT will be to live in. It was all prophesied by Yeshua and others. I asked for the grand detailed "tour" of that world. I learned a lot about "waiting on the Lord" with that request. It was twelve years before the answer and tour finally came. It was well worth the wait and effort, however. The result was "The Final Testament." What a divine honor it was to bring that in. I put the teaching "ask and you shall receive" to the ultimate test. It worked, by God. It just goes to show you.

So patience is a virtue of utter necessity in all this, I can tell you. However, once a spiritual treasure is attained, it is yours for all eternity. Physical wealth pales by comparison. It's fine and nice to have we'll all agree, but that stays here when you go home. Your spiritual treasure is stored in heaven and is yours forevermore. Which should take precedence in your life then? You decide.


This is so imperative to comprehend if one wishes to master self, life and spirit. Picture a scale with two sides hanging from chains. On one side is pride and upon the other is humility. The master has these two feelings in perfect balance. In between the two sides at the top, then see a round portal with a light shining through it. If the scales tip from one side to the other then the light begins to eclipse and if it tips too much in on one side or the other, the light is all the way eclipsed. This scale balances the Pride of life and the humility before the immensity. The pride of life is that you are a part of life and are also spiritual royalty. You are a Prince or Princess of the Most High Majesties. You should be proud to be this to be sure. And as such, eager to serve the Empire Of Life. However, one should be equally humble before the immensity of spirit and the universe. As men, we are less in size than an ort upon the ass of an atom. Is that not humbling? If your eyes and mind are open, it surely is. "Let thine eye be single" and see. So to master self, this balance must always be sought. When you are in balance you'll know. You just "feel" righteous. You "know" you are there.

Now if the scale tips toward pride, that will take you all the way into arrogance and the light and balance are lost. So too, if it tips toward too much humility, you can become a doormat. This too eclipses the light and ends the balance. This is a wonderful meditation and contemplation. I recommend seeking and asking for all possible insight from on high as you do. It will be given. You will be helped to stand back and clearly and honestly assess yourself and your stance. Practice, as always, makes perfect. When good balance is attained one will naturally radiate the highest laws of life and spirit, which are "to thine own true self be true" and "treat others as you would like to be treated", also known as The Golden Rule. You will then be able to speak the truth with love and will never judge another. These are the highest acts of love for self and our extended family.


On this web-site I have a page called the Planetary Prayer Command. It is a 15 minute journey of pure divine power with an awesome sound track that compels even more spirit and intention to flow through us and out to the whole earth. The miracles that have come from prayer, show up continually all through history. When one prays, you are invoking the supreme power of the universe to flow through you. This is the most powerful action we can ever take as self-aware spiritual beings. So many of us see the travesties of this world and feel helpless to do anything about them. We often feel small and powerless against huge forces like the governments, and the world machine of money and business. Then the powerful "cabals" of special interest dwarf our lives even more. Well, we are not helpless at all. As a small man alone, yes, we are. However we are never alone. All the powers of heaven are right at our fingertips and await only our invocation and command. This is the "power" of prayer from the passion and love from and through the sacred heart. It can and will move mountains and governments. This can redirect all human history into a new and finer direction. If enough of us enjoin this action, we become more powerful than all the armies and governments and cabals of the world combined. Love conquers ALL. There is no defense against this love, nor is any required. This radiant affinity lifts all boats up and out of darkness and destruction.

There was a fabulous example of this back in the time of the Apollo 13 space-flight. The now famous words "Houston, we have a problem" came down to earth. They could not get the craft to engage the landing commands. They also could not find the problem and solve it. Then a planetary prayer was called forth by the president and others for the astronauts. A miracle occurred and the craft and pilots were "saved". The astronauts were guided through an almost impossible landing operation with a one in a thousand chance for success. What had actually happened went largely unrecognized. Everyone who prayed was thanking God. But they missed the most awesome revelation. We had collectively invoked that power through our prayer. Wow! What else could be done with this knowledge and action of multitudes of souls. Anything and everything, in fact, if it is good and non-destructive. Could we heal, uplift and liberate the entire planet?? Absolutely. So what are we waiting for? Log on to the Planetary Prayer Command and let's have at it.

We don't have to do this all at one time. Every prayer action becomes a standing wave and adds and builds more power. One also should never engage this command from a sense of duty and obligation. There is no power in that and it will lead to resentment after awhile. Let's instead entertain finding 15 minutes a month when passion, love and quickened intention all come together in a magic moment. Then engage the command. Then the divine power will flow like a silver river through you from all the heavens. That is being a being of "power". So are we helpless? Ye are gods and goddesses of the most High. You are spiritual royalty. What do "you" think? If we could invoke the power to save a ship and its pilots, we can do the same to save this planetary ship and all its occupants. Divine power is infinite. Save a ship or a planet. Its all the same to the Grand Majesties. Size does not matter to the infinite. I find this prospect extremely exciting. I hope you all do as well. What do we have to lose? And, what do we have to gain? Paradise.


All prayer commanders can actually be seen as a spiritual militia. Minutemen of the Great Spirit. Because of the empowerment of the Internet, this is the first force of its kind in human history. If we can attract as many as 500 million souls to participate from time to time, we could accomplish virtually anything of a constructive nature. We could calm an earthquake or volcano. We could end floods or droughts. We could intervene in wars and violence of all kinds. We could uplift fallen and failing nations. We could change the minds of governments and cabals. We could inspire new and wondrous directions of future developments and economies. We could even deflect an incoming comet or meteor that threatens the earth. We could disperse hurricanes and end plagues. We could do all this, my people and even raise ourselves and the whole earth into a new paradise Eden. The fallen archangel lied, lied, lied to you in a thousand ways. His willing helpers did the same. You are all beings of divine power, if you will but see it and own it. Know the truth and the truth will So keep your power dry and let us engage the challenges as true warriors of spirit and Amon RA. It sure as hell beats sitting around waiting for doomsday. Do you agree? Amen.


The planet herself will be helping with all this. She wants a new paradise as well. Do you think she enjoys being raped, ravaged, pillaged and plundered? Of course not. She cares for all her beings and children and wishes all to live in harmony. She very much likes good Indians. She has a grid of electrical power that girds her body and an assemblage of qualification. Many shaman of the holy way have been working now for decades to tune this up and fully reactivate it. I have been one of them. This is now accomplished. We can go forth with maximum power. Eventually we will see the return of the rich Edenian world and Edenian mankind. Along the way life will get continually better and better. That is so much better than worse and worse. Yes? An entire planetary population of Yeshuas sounds real fine to me. I believe we could go on forever from there. We would become one of the ancient ones who assist developing worlds along their way. Then we would be the ET's to someone else. This is the way it works and goes. This is how love gets around the stars. So welcome home.


We all have our heart's desires and wish to be powerful and successful creators. What is the ultimate secret of this power then? I found the perfect teaching in a little book called: The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, by Carnelian Sage. This book is a masterpiece, like a large, perfect diamond, or "The Heart of the Ocean" in the film Titanic. It is a perfect download of the priceless knowledge of creative power. Just go to:

Yeshua Ben Joseph also taught this principle: "Whatever you would have done unto you, believe it is already done and it shall become so." This is the resonant knowledge of the sacred heart. This is the heart of faith and spirit. We are co-creators with the Grand Majesties. When we rise above all doubt and hidden guilt, we are free to create all once again. This is a huge part of the path to mastery. To accomplish this feat, we will want to invoke all the powers of heaven to assist and illuminate our minds with revelation and truth. This comes through and with the stillness. This is the way it is done and always shall be. It is also the six-step process of the soul clearing: the reckoning, reconciliation, redemption, resurrection, glorification and then finally ascension at last.

The "key" to power and freedom is to travel through the star-gate of the Sacred Heart back to Source. There, you remember the love you are and always have been. There, you remember and embrace your true self. Then love conquers all and fulfills all heart's desires in appropriate and perfect ways, and with perfect divine orchestration. There you find the ultimate desire that makes all others seem trivial by comparison. But be not concerned. When you re-enter the Kingdom, all else is added unto you as well. Allow the "having."


We also have crafted something we call "The Ascension Tool Kit." This is real spiritual technology that will assist one to recover and balance their spirit, mind and body much more quickly and easily. The tools will open your chakra energy centers and balance and harmonize them back into divine order. This kit will quicken you to become a "Supreme Commander" of the Amon RA. It is not an absolute necessity, however, we have built a spiritual autobahn back to Edenia. There are no speed limits on this road. So you might as well drive a Porsche if you wish, instead of a less powerful vehicle. However, suit yourself. I am into all advantages available, myself. Why not? Then again, I am one of the original.

C. C. Riders. The Cosmic Cowboy Riders of the Purple Sage. We were the old trailblazers of yesteryear, way back in the 60"s. We all wanted total truth and total freedom. We still do and mean to have it. It is a wide open range though and plenty of room for everyone else who wants it. So sidle up and ride along. We are beginning a pilgrimage to paradise and all are welcome. This is a pilgrimage on the "inner planes" of spirit, however. You do not even have to leave the house, but you do have to sojourn within. It is the ultimate adventure and divine romance. It is indeed, the "Magical Mystery Tour."

There are untold millions of spiritual mavericks like myself, around the earth today. We respect all faiths and ways and do not judge them. There is no one size fits all when it comes to faith and paths in life. We are all unique and also all the same. We are a divine paradox that way. It is colorful and wonderful. Yet all roads lead home eventually and home is always where the sacred heart is. We are on the never ending journey of becoming; becoming ever more, ever higher and ever wiser. It is wondrous, is it not? All "things" get old and jaded in this world except one. And that is the Amon Ra, the divine love experience. It makes all things new every moment. It is amazing that way. I still don't know quite how it does that, but I do know that it does.


Divine Radiant Affinity. This is also the "currency" of heaven and the heavens. It is the universal currency of exchange and also the universal language of light. It bridges all peoples and things. When we go to the soul plane following the end of a semester, then how much of this we have and have spent then determines the value of our journey and its accomplishments. And strangely enough, the more you spend this currency of divine love the more you have to spend. It is like a sound investment. It returns to you multiplied. It is inexhaustible supply. You'll become an Amon RA millionaire and then a billionaire in time. The trillion-aire club is where the grand masters live. Their estates are incredibly vast. They have to become principalities in order to spend and invest their vast fortunes of divine currency. This is also the currency used to buy a timeless share in Edenia. This love is the key to the gate and the code that allows you in.


This was one of the secrets of our Edenian past. Edenia covered the entire planet. The atmosphere and temperatures were much more evenly dispersed and the air rich in oxygen. The waters were pure like liquid crystal. When the earth and the Edenian world were ruled by love, a "resonance" and vibration enveloped the earth and caused the planet to ring like a Tibetan bell through the heavens. On my book cover of the Final Testament, you see a rainbow aura around the earth. This aura will shield the earth from the harsher rays of the sun and glorify our environment. This shield will form again as the Amon Ra increases and flows from the people. Nature will join in then and amplify it. Edenia shall then be restored and reborn and us along with it. It will be on earth as it is in heaven, to be sure. This is the world of tomorrow that the Majesties have in mind. This is the world they showed me in spirit.

Now I can share this joy with everyone who wants it. I have a lot of currency to spend, built up. And I am so happy to be able to share it.

So let us form our "clusters" of fellowship and engage this grand adventure together. We have nothing to lose and more to gain that we can possibly imagine. Why not?

Let the Master Game begin in earnest.



This is known today as the "Star of David" and is the symbol for the Jewish faith and church. However, it is a far more ancient symbol than that. The star is older than the earth. It is a universal symbol with an incredible meaning. On earth it has an earthly description and meaning that is tuned to our planet. On other worlds, it is tuned to those worlds in appropriate ways for those peoples.

The star has six points, which is also a symbol for the "Flower of Life" as taught in sacred geometry. The star is formed as two pyramids join together; one from "above" (from the heavenly realms) and one from below, (or the realms of density). So it symbolizes the unity of higher and lower or "as above, so below" The six points represent the archangelic principalities, which are the divine agencies of universal governance. We know these on earth as six archangels. Michael, governs divine law and justice, Gabriel, governs the divine word, Raphael, governs divine healing, Uriel, governs divine love, Atonel, governs divine light, and Israel governs divine unity. These are the six principles that order and govern the universe. I was amazed to learn from Sananda about Israel and Atonel. I had no idea. Atonel, the bringer and governor of divine light, was the one who rebelled. He became known then as Antiel; the one who stands against the order of heaven.


He then became known on earth as the devil or Lucifer and several other names as well. He did indeed gather an army among the stars and form a coalition of planets and stars and various adherents. He formed his own rebel empire to become his own God and a God to all those who followed him. This became a "Star Wars" situation. Earth became one of the victims in this war. Antiel was then contained by the larger and more powerful federation of light that serves the Majesties and the Empire of Life. Antiel and his rebel empire was then contained and quarantined. It was prevented from spreading like a plague among the stars. I can only guess that the Majesties were exploring the special effects of spiritual amnesia among and within parts of Their creation. It is all part of potential after all. Just another adventure in eternity. Nothing to really worry about. They are still all of it all the time and nothing can really ever get out of Their control. It can "seem" that way to those involved, but that is only appearance. There is no actual reality to it.

Antiel has now gone home and very recently in fact. He was "recaptured" by all the powers of heaven and the Grand Majesties. He was compelled to re-embrace the ultimate reality. God is everywhere and everything, including Antiel himself. Rebellion is futile and silly, in fact. It is pointless. There is no other universe or an "outside" to the universe. That is why it is called the uni-verse. How can you get away from it? So one might as well come into harmony again. Sooner or later you must and will, so why not sooner? What's the point in fighting the inevitable? So now Antiel is Atonel again and is experiencing re-orientation. He has quite a lot of atoning to do, as do his followers and victims. All will be healed in divine order, however. We are all "family" after all. You don't execute your brother or sister or child because they made a mistake. You bring them home and heal them with love. That is the way of love after all.


This is the name given the Luciferians in the bible. The Nefillim were the fallen ones, or fallen angels who fell to earth. They were a reptilian race of beings, older than mankind. This race served the Majesties as seeders and terra-formers among the stars. There are many varieties among them, just as there are among humankind. A portion of this race joined the rebellion and became wayward. As the star wars went on, some of the rebels came to earth into our Eden world. They came in with a hidden agenda of beguilement and sabotage. We were a new and innocent race of mankind at the time, much like the Indians of North America when they first met the Europeans. The Nefillim said they had come to help with the new Eden world. The people of earth knew this race as helpers of the Majesties kingdoms, so we trusted them. They told us they were here to launch a new experiment on behalf of the new evolution. We were being encouraged to explore our range of free will and self-determination, they said. So they set up a base in old Atlantis and began to "help us" do this. How nice.

It was not very long before confusion and dissension set in and then great conflict among men and the gods of the stars. Our unity consciousness began to degrade into duality consciousness. The "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" was a reference to the perception of duality. This led to the imagined separation between us and God, you see. We were encouraged to set ourselves apart from God and explore our free will powers. Soon we had kings and kingdoms where there were none before. Then wars came to our world of love, where there were none before. The Nefillim also infused their own genetics in with our own and degraded us even further. The wiser among us separated ourselves from this and became known as the children of the law of one. The others became known as the children of Belial. This was the beginning of the "fall" of man from Eden and our sad folly of imagined separation and shame before the Majesties. The fallen gods had poisoned us and our world. Why did the Majesties allow this? It was part of the free will experiment and adventure. As it turns out, it is all part of growing up and growing "wise".

Antiel had beguiled a part of the ancient Nefillim race by pointing out that God had given Mankind, the newer creation, a gift of free will that the Nefillim did not possess. This is what stirred up the resentment and started the heavenly wars. Why should the new kid on the block have more than the elders of creation? Antiel was very good at this kind of mischief.

In the larger universal scheme of things this was only a family spat. I know it seems a bit more than that to us who have lived through thousands of years of hell and who have had to watch our garden world degraded. But now that the Nefillim and Antiel are gone, I refer to them as Spanky and the little rascals. We have at least a good laugh coming at their expense. Before the Grand Majesties, that is all they amounted to in truth. However we have quite a mess to clean up after this biker bash. We can do it and we'll have lots of help if we ask for it. There are still many human "problem children" at work here as well. It is time for them to know that the war is over here and God won, as always. Will you come home now and back to your senses? If not then there are infinite "mansions" or universe-cities that will accommodate your continued adventure in duality. The Majesties will allow you anything you wish in this regard. They will never "force" you to rise. One has to do that of their own free will and desire. That is just the way it is. You are a Prince or Princess of the Most High after all. You have sovereign freedom as spiritual royalty to go your way. Which way will you go now? I reckon we'll see.


This history was compellingly covered by Ignacious Donnelly back in the late 1800's. The Nefillim were very advanced technologically 50,000 ago. They were preparing to break-out of the earth containment and invade other stars systems. This was not appropriate according to the supreme Grand Majesties. So Their power acting through the solar nucleus of our system directed a comet to slam into the earth. This became the legend of Ragnaroc. This put the Nefillim plans on "ice" for some time. This also ended our Edenic paradise environment. We are still recovering from this cosmic event actually. We will recover all the way in the near future. This whole drama has been going on then for a good 100,000 years. To us and our very short lives and memories, this is eons of time. For the planet and her perspective this is like having the flu for a couple of weeks in her life. Cold, chills and fever, some vomiting and just feeling a bit miserable. Well, that's a virus for you. The Nefillim flu, so to speak. Other worlds are going, "My God, is it contagious?" "Is it space-born?" "Ick!" Well, there's a different perspective, eh? Anyway, the Majesties and the universe know how to manage and care for everything quite well. No worries, mate. Besides, our Majesties know how to make the best use of every situation. Nothing is ever wasted. All beings and events end up serving life whether they wish to or not. You cannot beat the universal system. The creation can never overcome the Creator. And that is that and there is nothing to be done about it. I'm really glad, myself. What a relief.

I cover other aspects of this history on the web page "The Ages of Man" on this site. I invite you to check that out as well. It all becomes a bit more up close and personal.


So leaping ahead in time a bit, some vital understanding is necessary concerning this archangel. There is an epic saga that goes with this story that comes out of ancient Egypt. The time is not yet right to tell that tale, however. Soon though. There has to be some background first. It has to do with the Pharaohs and exodus and that period of time. Much history has to be embellished and revised a bit. But to be clear about Israel, the Archangel of Divine Unity, one must understand that the "nation" of Israel is not and was never meant to be a "place" on earth. It is rather a "spiritual nation" composed of host people, or people who commune with the Majesties and their higher agents. In this, these ones become divinely "unified", do you see? So this nation is composed of not only Jews or Hebrews, but ones of every land and race who are truly God centered. This makes more sense, does it not? Also the "chosen ones" are really all those who chose to be chosen. Those who wanted the divine connection.

Now the Hebrew history is accurate in so far as the Hebrew peoples were especially included in the new monotheism teachings of the one God. This flew in the face of a world that was prolific with fallen pagan religions. Egypt included. Anyway, this will all come out in the wash. Suffice it to say, if you are a host for God then you are a true Israelite and share this divine unity with all others who are of the same sentiment. All religions and teachings of the world then melt together into one and the differences are trivial next to the ultimate truth; that we are all related as family under the same Grand Majesties. Can you see and comprehend this? Let all the wars and conflict end then. It was Spanky and the Little Rascals who instigated all that anyway. They loved it when we fought amongst ourselves. Then they could "hide" behind and within it all and make all they're mischief beyond our notice. The truth makes us truly free.


These people, by their own accounts and history, are refugees from Atlantis prior to and after the final sinking of the land into the Atlantic. They came through the Mayan lands of the Yucatan peninsula. There the peoples divided somewhat. Some chose to stay and build civilization as stone-pilers again. Others went north to live differently. They wanted to keep balance and harmony with nature and nature's God. They realized that mankind gets a bit wacky when he urbanizes himself and is prone to arrogance and then empire building and war. The Neffilim flu again. So they went north to preserve the Edenian consciousness and the beauty of the garden as much as possible. This was very wise indeed. In fact there is an account of a declaration by a new European arrival, upon seeing the "new world" for the first time. He noticed how healthy and strong the people were and how peaceful and harmonious they're societies were. He noticed that the land was park-like and the forest maintained so one could walk easily through it. He then said; "My god! These people are living in the Garden of Eden." Truer words were never spoken. Too bad "everyone" couldn't "see" that. This most awesome revelation was then just "paved over" by European style civilization. What a shame. Well, Eden shall return to the whole earth now. You can have the grand tour right there in The Final Testament. We shall really all become "glorified Indians" in reality. Edenians again in fact. I can hardly wait for that. Well, we've waited 100,000 years so far, so what's a few more? We'll get there.

These remnant Edenians have taught us so much about the earth and her bounty and harmony. There is a great deal more to learn yet. We saw these people as "primitive" because they weren't stone-pilers. In fact, socially and spiritually they were the most advanced cultures on earth. They had it down. They had a larger and finer "estate" of land than any King on earth. They had great love and harmony going on. They "saw" that the Creator was and is everything, including themselves as well. They had the master balance of pride and humility too. They were not too far from being Yeshuas. In fact they remember him coming through their lands during his extended mission on earth. The Mormons have tracked this history as well and know it is true. The Indian/Edenians were very much akin to the Essenes, in fact. They both saw that man himself was the "temple of God." And that the stillness was the gateway through the sacred heart to God within and the grand kingdom of heaven. Soon all shall know this again and live it as well.


The great Admiral Saint Germain had a good deal to do with the American mission. The mission was to birth a nation of free and sovereign souls in the midst of a world ruled by Kings and Queens. It was hoped that the Natives and the newcomers would form a brotherhood and harmony from this and work more closely together. However, the little rascals came over on the ships as well and proceeded to interfere with all that with their endless mischief. Many of the founding fathers were friends with the Indians, however. In fact, they were inspired by how their societies were run and operated so successfully. This revelation, along with the best of western civilization, combined to form our constitutional republic. When our national leader comes out to the people we play a song, do we not? It is called hail to the "Chief". Not hail to the king or hail to the dictator. But chief as like the natives had. Their chiefs sat eye to eye with the people as an equal around the fires of council. Tyranny was impossible then. This is how our republic was formed as well, as best we could. We were to lead the whole world out from under the tyranny of kings and elites. We were to lead by "example" rather than by force. It has worked to some degree, but we have lost sight of our original premise as a nation. We now need to remember at God's speed. The American Revolution is not yet finished. It will finally be finished when all the earth and peoples are free at last and can rise back into full consciousness. So be ready, minutemen of the Great Spirit. There is much to do yet.


I spoke before of the future missions we will engage when earth shines with Amon RA once again. I have described these missions in the Final Testament. They shall be endless adventures for us. We will be ace troubleshooters among the stars. We have done and seen it all. Whatever comes up we'll be able to say; "This, I'm trained for." Through kinesiological estimation there are 155 million star Drifters here from other worlds at this very time. Two thirds of them are 25 years old or younger and more are coming in daily. You may in fact, be one yourself. An advanced soul anchored to another world, incarnated here to bring help and guidance in many ways. Kind of like a cosmic "peace corp."

If your neighbors house was on fire, wouldn't you help him put it out or would you stand and enjoy the event like a pyromaniac. Well, there you go. We are all neighbors and family across the heavens. So help is always here. There have been many "Drifters" come all through earth history from time to time. One does not usually realized that is what you are while you are here, as there is the "veil" over memory. But higher knowledge and experience filters down from the soul into the human level anyway. Yes, I am one of those. From the inner Pleaidian star called Taybeta and its planet Erra. I was allowed and in fact compelled to remember somewhat so I could relate this truth to earth peoples. It is time for all the truth to be seen and known. Earth too has a grand host of highly evolved souls, make no mistake. Together we shall raise this earth back to a glorious paradise. So welcome home, Princes and Princesses of the most High Majesties. Ye are the gods and goddesses of Edenia. It is time to see and know and reclaim it all. The years to come shall be most wondrous indeed.



To continue on, we should cover some of the special effects of unity consciousness in our day to day life. This will at least give everyone a "handle" on the matter.

Appropriateness is an action directly from the sacred heart of true knowledge. What is, in fact, appropriate to do or say in every moment and situation? When we live from the heart, we allow love to always be our guide in this. We are considerate of another's feelings and life. We 'll wish to speak truth with love. We'll also want to have the inner guidance, actually guide our path and our words. So it is appropriate to seek this guidance and direction at all times. To really "live" "from" it. When we do, we feel righteous and , in fact, we are.

"Allowing" another to have their experience and reality without judgement, is appropriate. To have a "libertarian" stance is very appropriate. We are all students of life, after all and are finding our way and following the "flight-plan" of our soul I Am. Everyone has a divine right to their experience. It is not for us to judge another in this, because we cannot see the ultimate "design" of the soul and therefore cannot be accurate in judgement. We cannot even accurately judge ourselves from this dimension. That is why we'll want the inner guidance and insights and seek to be still and know.

We do have social laws that reflect the universal laws, however. Laws against theft, murder, assault, wanton destruction and so forth. It is appropriate to intervene in these actions if we want a livable society, so therefore, we judge the "actions" of another in this regard. We cannot judge the beings themselves, as we do not know the entire story behind them.

However, when we have contact with the throne within, we can and will know what is appropriate in every situation. This is the challenge of true mastery of life, love and spirit. It does not come easy, as we all know, but the wise man knows that this is the purpose of life; to live, learn and to master all. Therefore, this teaching is appropriate.

I am being as brief as possible in all these teachings because we live in a very busy world and few have the time to plunge into tomes. These insights are meant to inspire food for one's own meditation. One can share an insight, but one cannot have an insight "for" another. One must seek their own "personal" insight from direct contact with the Ultimate Source. This is appropriate.


To treat others as you would like to be treated. Easier said than done in a high stress world. However, I have noticed that most of us strive to live this way as best we can. It's amazing really. This is because the Golden Rule is anchored in our very hearts and is our true and higher nature as beings. It takes very severe aberrations to totally eclipse all love and conscience from a being. When our ethics and conscience are in order and operation, we are being adept at life. This makes one feel "righteous", does it not? It's a good feeling and one that cannot be bought with a billion dollars. It can only be earned through application. So who is the richer? The billionaire with no conscience, or the beggar who lives the Golden Rule? Oh, that's an easy one.


To be civilized is to live from the heart and to be governed solely by it. A fully civilized being needs no police or other outside "force" to direct their behavior. They are "inner" spirit directed beings. They live from love and appropriateness all the time. This is then, a love and faith-based life that flows from the true knowledge of love and spirit.

To be socialized, is to be governed solely by fear and outside force. We then do not rob the bank because of the fear of police and jails. The civilized man does not rob it because this will ruin his inner peace and life, cause great guilt and increase one's karmic debt. So you see, you yourself are the ultimate beneficiary of a civilized life. The rest of us benefit by default. One is then civilized for their own sake first. This is a fine meditation. We have a chance to really examine ourselves and our inner workings. How much of our lives is civilized and how much is socialized. It is a good measure of soul growth and mastery of life.

I believe we would find that most people on this earth strive to be civilized every day. I have seen this myself in all my travels. It is only a tiny minority that cause most of the grief in the world. The worst offenders are occupying powerful positions in business, finance and government. They are the "drunkards" of power, wealth and control. The common criminal is trivial by comparison. Even the terrorists are trivial next to these ones. Why do we allow this to continue, when the vast majority of us strive to be civilized? Because we simply do not know what to do about it, really. Many have tried and failed to solve the problem. There must be a way though, don't you think? There is. I asked for divine insight for the solutions. They were given. I will share these insights at the appropriate time. A full plan of effective action has already been designed.


This is the true condition of spiritual royalty, which we all are. We are truly self-determined beings of power. We even have the power to surrender this self-determination to another or to outside forces. We can take it all back though at a moments notice. As a C.C. Rider, I thoroughly claimed my freedom and self-determination at all costs. It has cost be dearly at times. When you step out of line and choose a different path than the common world, you may find life a lot more challenging in many ways. You may be an exile to many people. You may be perceived as a troublemaker as well, even though you are living the Golden Rule as best you can. I found this option better than bowing and cowing before tyranny, however. Tyranny can take many forms and degrees. "What will people think." Is one of them. Then you must decide which is more important, what people will think, or are you being true to your true self and your life's purpose and mission? This is a test of mastery as well. It is a measure of one's soul. It is also a measure of one's courage. The old Irish saying that "God hates a coward" is somewhat true.

The very "hallmark" of America and our republic is that each man is lord of his own life and is sovereign in it. We bow before no king or would be king. We bow to no tyranny whatsoever. Easier said than done, to be sure. However, that is the challenge. So stand tall and open your heart to the throne within and the "Source" will both help and inspire with all this. That is where I have always found courage and the true faith to live it. And, what one man can do, another can do. It is all up to you. What if Yeshua had "bowed" to Rome and the Emperor? What if America's founding fathers had bowed to the king? Where would we be now? Would I be here writing all of this? Highly unlikely. Remember yourself, man.


The Grand Majesties never "force" an action. They rather, "prompt" and inspire actions and directions and usually only if asked to do so. A prompting can come suddenly and without invocation because of our soul's flight plan that was designed and planned before our trip into density, but we always have free will as to actions and directions in life. The wise one follows their heart in this. A direction may seem quite foolish to yourself and others, however, that does not make it wrong. If it is from the heart, then one would do well to follow it at all costs. decide.

This is the challenge of faith, trust and mastery. We always have the choice to be chickens or eagles. Chickens belong to Mr. Sanders. Eagles own the sky and fly free. How do YOU wish to be? What is appropriate?

Prompting's come like whispers from the soul. They are very deep and powerful and move one's whole being. They come as inspirations and insights. They move us steadily like the ocean tides. They are the "winds of God" and the "silver river" of Amon RA. If a prompting is divine, it shall always be non-destructive, unless it is to defend one's immediate life from a lethal threat. That is the only time destruction is constructive. The wise one always seeks the divine insight in all these matters of life. We seek then the prompting's that come with it. This is appropriate.


I use the word clusters as opposed to "groups". We are children of the stars and are the stars of heaven. Therefore "clusters" seems an appropriate term. Like clusters of stars and galaxies. We are tribal beings by nature. We seek confirmation and agreement from others on the journey, along with the resonance of righteousness in spirit. Fellowship adds power to our lives and magnifies our effectiveness as beings. Life is a teamwork affair and in fact, a multi-dimensional one. One prayer commander can affect a wondrous power. 500 million commanders is off the charts. No one even knows what that could do. This is undiscovered country. I perceive that we ought to find out though, agreed? Why not? We have nothing to lose but our troubles at this point.

Clusters are all there will be to this ministry. This is not a church to join or a religion to adopt. There are no dues or rules, save universal ones. There is no hierarchy, because we are all equally radiant beings as Princes and Princesses of the Most High. We are all family, is all. That is quite sufficient. To be in this ministry is simply to be a "host" for the highest. It is only a way of life and consciousness. It is to be Edenian once again. Quite a relief, if you ask me. God, will we ever tire of thrones? The "new world" will have none, by the way. We shall all be equal around the council fires. How very nice. Let us proceed at God's speed.


What does every human being seek? What is the ultimate feeling and experience we desire? It is the same for everything that lives, in fact. We all seek FULFILLMENT. This is a vast and massive word with deep impact upon our very souls and minds. In the state of fulfillment, we are satisfied in all realms of life and being. We want for nothing more. We enter the paradise realm. So what constitutes fulfillment? What does it actually look like? We refer to it as having “wealth.” We generally think of wealth in terms of money and all that it can buy. However, none of that will bring true fulfillment of our being. In order to attain fulfillment, we have to expand our definition of what constitutes wealth. We have to enter the realm of the intangibles.

This designates two categories of wealth; one tangible and the other intangible. We are all pretty much familiar with tangible wealth. Money is not real tangible wealth, although it is often thought of as such. Money is a fiction that only “represents” tangible wealth. The actual wealth would be property like real estate, homes, cars, wardrobes, jewelry, valuable works of art and other sundry toys, gaga and such. Does having all this bring ultimate fulfillment of our being? Hardly. Not even close. People generally invest far too much of their beings trying to attain all this and all but ignore the other realm of wealth, being the intangible.

Now I am not saying that tangible wealth is bad and should not be desired. We are both physical and spiritual beings here on earth and to have comfort and security for our physicality is a natural and healthy desire. What I am speaking of is a question of “balance.” It is a question of priorities. To be whole and fulfilled as beings is the ultimate goal of all life.

Then we should mention the realm of natural wealth. This would constitute clean air, water and land and an abundance of natural beauty. This is the wealth that the Creator gives to all of life that all life holds in common. All creatures want this wealth and the freedom to move unhindered within it. Now we begin to enter the intangible realm; the first expression of this wealth being “freedom.”

How vast a word is freedom? How free can one become? Freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom from loneliness, freedom from ignorance, freedom from illusions, freedom from bondage, freedom to be and become and evolve to our highest potential as beings. All life desires this state and in mankind it becomes quite extravagant. Most of all we desire love; to love and be loved. Love and freedom cannot be held and touched can they? You can't put them in a safe or in a jar for later. Love and freedom are priceless realms of intangible wealth. To experience these fully in our lives, we begin to experience true fulfillment of our lives and beings.

Now how about the other realms, like friendship, fellowship, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, light, beauty, experience, talent, expertise, and the gifts and powers of the spirit like psychic ability, levitation, precipitation, telekinesis, teleportation, trans-dimensional communication, healing power and power over the elements. The great masters of the ages enjoyed this wealth of being to be sure. What priceless treasure is this? How can one even measure its value? This is the realm of intangible wealth.

To attain this one must make great application of time, attention, dedication, study, commitment and desire. This is the wealth that enriches our souls and is stored in heaven. It follows us from lifetime to lifetime and can never be lost or stolen from us. It is the wealth that finally fulfills our being. This world has paid far too little attention to its attainment. It is often only given a passing thought and almost never considered to be actual wealth. What a huge mistake and one that has brought us hell on earth.

Until we expand our consciousness and interests to embrace the realm of intangible wealth and its attainment, we will continue to live in this hell of our own making. The great spiritual teachers down through time have tried to get this across to us in thousands of ways. Yet material man largely continues to seek fulfillment from tangible wealth alone. It cannot be done and it drives people insane with frustration.

The most ambitious seem to think that becoming king of the world and owning all its tangible treasures will finally fulfill them. How utterly silly. To be king is to live in a “prison” of responsibility and accountability. All the bucks stop at your throne. Then you are always scrambling to protect your treasures from thieves and other jealous and ambitious men. You live in a gilded cage of fear and paranoia every day of your life. This is far and away from fulfillment of your being, isn’t it? It is “not” good to be king. It is a living nightmare and the only escape from it is death itself once you take it upon yourself.

I am sharing here the great wealth of “truth.” I am spending it freely and investing in the future. I am investing time, truth and wisdom in heaven on earth; the ultimate fulfillment. Now I have mentioned yet another intangible wealth. TIME. This is a “gift” from God. That is why we call it the “present.” And time waits for no one and eternity waits for everyone and all your money can’t another minute buy. How valuable is time, then? IAM, sharing the wealth of medicine.


Dis-ease is indeed a prompting from spirit. It is a "signal" for great change. Either we are urged to change our minds and/or ways, or we are preparing for an exit point back to the soul plane. Either way, we are about to grow "larger". Dis-ease can take a physical or a mental form, or both. The true shaman priests of the holy way, see it as a whole and treat it the same way. Dis-ease begins in the soul, which then affects the mind, which then affects the feelings, which then affects the physical body. One needs to seek the "insights" as to what is happening and why. A good shaman can "help" you see and give you other helpers to bring you back into wholeness, or "holiness". However, if you are entering an exit point, he will see that as well and help with counsel and comfort. Modern medicine is far too limited in its approach to dis-ease. They do not address the "whole being". One should embrace all levels of being when treating self or others. "See" the why and reason for the disorder. One has to read the "soul" as well as the body. This is also true of mental disorders. Sometimes it is only to do with toxins in the environment. This can be corrected with the right "medicines". Suppressive "drugs" are not medicine. They do not "cure" but only "treat" a condition. One must always seek the true "cause" and then the holistic "cure". This can be "seen" by one who's eyes are open to spirit. Then once one is whole again, they can see the way of changes back to maintaining impeccable health. This is all part of mastering life as well.


This is the journey back to the soul-plane, or the higher heavens. There are many exit points during a semester that can be chosen by us, the soul. If we feel we have had enough of the density, and/or have accomplished all we came to do or can do at this time, then we are free to go home to heaven. It is only another realm of life in the universe and much finer than this one, to be sure. My wife, Suzie Uriel, spoke to me of this when she "crossed". She said it was just as we had discussed while together; like entering another room of your house. The passage was that simple and sublime.

So one is wise to live fully and freely while you are here. This is the grand opportunity for quantum leaps of soul growth and should not be taken lightly. Nor should it be taken too seriously in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Time waits for no one and eternity waits for everyone. There is no sense being a chicken with all that yawning before you. Be the eagle spirit you were meant to be and fly as high as you can. This is not a rehearsal, this IS your life. Live free or die slow. The choice is always ours to make. So make the most OF it. Why not?

"Live long and prosper, be fearless and free, be the love, you were meant to be."

Ah Ho, Amen