IAM born again. The Luciferian Empire and its ancient rebellion are now at an end. What is taking its place is the Grand HUMU (hoo-moo). Earth is the prototype world for this very new divine dispensation. This is an entirely new creation and self-realizing potential of the Grand IAM. It is now sweeping and enveloping the entire creation. It is re-qualifying all. Ten million galactic and inter-galactic star nations are here to witness and participate in the birth of this very new Divine dispensation. The Grand IAM now wishes to discover just how powerful Their LOVE can become. This is Their greatest adventure of all eternity and we are all stars in this show.

The magical mystery tour has led us to the very gates of a new paradise. If you would like a guided tour of the special effects of this new paradise, then a read through “Drifters, The Final Testament”, will take you on that very tour. It is a world where all the essences and attributes of all dimensions are co-existent in a new harmonic blend and unity. It is a world unlike anything that has ever been anywhere at any time or place in creation. When I asked the Creator what They (Father/Mother God) had in mind for earth and mankind, this was the very tour that was given to me in the stillness. Now all ones can take the tour as well and see for your selves. This “Word” shall now become flesh.

This new state of being will take a bit of getting used to, but we will "grow" into it and it will grow in us. We will be re-qualified into it. It will forever change us into a being more glorious than we can, at this time, comprehend. However, this is what the Creator does, They create. They are forever exploring Their potential of being and we are Their co-creative children and agents of change and stewardship. Thus we are the infinite and eternal cosmic family. We are all related as such. The entire Empire of Life is family, in fact. It is a unity of love and being. All IS the Grand IAM. And how grand can we become? How powerful can love really be? We are about to discover this together. This is the ultimate adventure. My God, it is really, finally happening. Fasten your seatbelts. The Starship Universe is taking off into “the undiscovered country”.


Many people wonder why the Creator “allowed” this rebellion to happen in the first place. This was another case of the Creator desiring to explore Their potential in being. They desired to know what would happen if consciousness was suppressed and the “illusion” of separation were to take hold. What if the children were to forget about Us and go their own way and even follow a false God? Would they find their way home eventually? What would life be like in the illusion? What kind of adventures would ensue and develop? Finding their way home would create infinite new adventures in and of itself. So They allowed a wayward archangel to lead the way and strive to become like Prime Creator. This expanded to involve numerous worlds and peoples. There were star wars aplenty and endless other conflicts and challenges at personal levels of being.

Now the Creator has fully explored the full potential of being and expression in the idea of separation. Now They wish to explore the full potential of the power of Their LOVE. Just how glorious can life become? Thus we have the new creation dispensation I am writing about here. The dawn of the GRAND HUMU. The return to unity was inevitable anyway. Life is circular and returns one back to the beginning every time.

I was at the arrest and a party to the surrender of the dark archangel Antiel. This is an awesome medicine story I will share at a later date. After engaging in lengthy conversation with Creator, Antiel was compelled to realize that the creation could never overcome the Creator and that, in fact, the Creator lived in him as well and was the power behind his very being in the final analysis. What was then the point of rebellion? It was all only a fanciful adventure in the end. All children come home when all is lost and energy exhausted. There is nowhere else to go, you see. Love is the only real power behind creation. All else is only potential influence. All can choose to come home at any time and will be welcome as the prodigal sons and daughters that we are. It was all just part of growing up in the fields of the Lord. We are now great with wisdom and experience. The people of earth can trouble-shoot just about any challenge thrown at them at this point. We are set to be grand and able stewards of creation now.


As the multi-dimensional universe now converges into unity and harmony, we will all become part of new wonders never before experienced. We will be the guinea pigs, if you will. Earth will be the Lewis and Clark expedition for the whole creation. This is an incredible honor for us and we are mightily admired by all the star nations. They are overjoyed to help in all appropriate ways and they are and they will continue indeed. The Creator’s light and love is flooding into our earth in ever increasing degrees. It will conquer and purify all. New consciousness and new technologies will be prolific. Wondrous things will now happen that we never dreamed possible. This was indeed prophesied at different times and from many sources along the way, however, now that the time has finally arrived for fulfillment, we can and will see much more deeply into the mysteries. They will all be unveiled. Life will change dramatically for the better. I guess I could go on and on and I suppose I will as time travels on. But for now, just know that the dawn of the ultimate golden age is upon us. So I leave you to your own experiences of wonder and amazement. We will be sharing all as family from now on. Great lights and leadership will emerge. Mighty teachers and way-showers as well. The new children will shine like the sun in the new dawn and the vastness of all creation becomes our new estate. We are heirs to all of it you see. Welcome home.

Commander Michael Silverhawk
Planetary Shamanic Agent
Pleiadian Bird Tribes Command
Celestial Intervention Association
Galactic Federation
Universal Order of Malchizedec