Drifters: The Final Testiment
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Michael Silverhawk

Michael Silverhawk has led a most unusual life to say the least. He was one of those people who had strange and mystical things happening in childhood. When he was 14 years of age in 1964, a most powerful and life changing spiritual event set the very course of his life. As he describes it, an overwhelming experience of divine presence spontaneously "descended" into his mind and being. He says that this had to be the same kind of light that lit up the avatars, like Buddha and Jesus and thus began their paths to enlightenment and world teaching. This set Silverhawk's life-course into realms of knowledge and revelation that this present world is only now beginning to understand.

In a world of empire builders and all-powerful scientific and religious priesthoods, a man like this on such a path would seem to have little to offer such societies. But as one looks around at the confusion and wreckage of today's world and at the uncertainty of our direction as a planetary species, the aid and guidance of shaman men and women of spirit, in fact may be exactly what the doctor ordered. After all, the Native Americans of this land enjoyed thousands of years of relative peace, prosperity and harmony in their societies. They lived in the Garden of Eden, was what many incoming Europeans had to say.

Michael Silverhawk wanted to come to know and understand what those original American people understood. What Michael declares is "what have we got to lose at this point?" Our present systems have failed to bring us a sane and sustainable world as yet. We may do well to try a wholly new direction and approach, or rather, an old tried and true approach whose principles can be applied and retrofitted to today's world. This was the task he set for himself. Or perhaps it was the "Source" itself that set the path.

Perhaps his biggest challenge is the fact that, in walking this path of knowledge, it has led him away from the common world mind and this set him far apart from the everyday reality of the average earthman. He is almost as exotic as an extraterrestrial because of this. He sees himself as a "holy mountain man;" an "Indiana Jones" of the spiritual path, if you will. To gather this much power, knowledge and medicine, nearly all else had to be forsaken and set aside. Only full commitment would do for this mission. There are a host of other beings like himself here, but they also have the same challenge. Coming down from the mountain to speak with the people of the towns can cause quite a disturbance. We hope everyone will take this all in stride and consideration then, and just enjoy the show. It is a wild-west show to be sure.

When Michael was 22, he met one of the great masters of the ages known as St. Germain. This master was in tangible form and activated Michael's path even further. Several years of power walks and vision quests ensued and he was then initiated into Kriya Yoga by another great master of life.

When he was 29 he had a close encounter and communication with a Pleiadian craft on Mt. Shasta California. Here his mission expanded further and he received his new name and was in effect, "sealed in his forehead" as prophesied and stated in the bible. That very prophecy actually came true in his case. Powerful energies were released by this star command and special activations occurred in his being which allowed easier communication with the finer realms of life and consciousness. He began to realize then that avatars like the master Jesus are in fact commanders within a vast universal family of advanced spiritual beings. This is all part of the Creator's infinite "Empire of Life." The time has come for humanity of earth to rejoin this empire as conscious and responsible members in good standing. Earth is in truth, only one small life-station within a vast tapestry of God. The universe is an endless mystery that we are only just now beginning to penetrate and it in turn to penetrate us.

At 32 he began to receive the knowledge for the activation of the new earth assemblage and what this would mean for the planetary evolution. This event was truly divine applied science. The pyramid builders would understand it, as well as would the shaman of long ago.

In 1987 the twelve year process of activation began which consummated in the establishment of this new earth assemblage. This is covered in his second book titled "Drifters, The Genesis." This is all preparation for earth to come into universal harmony. Also during this period, Silverhawk began knocking on heaven's door with a petition asking what the Creator ultimately had in mind for the earth and mankind. All prophecies to date have left one hanging in wonderment as to fine details. Silverhawk asked for a detailed "tour" of the future world that had only been touched upon by other prophets.

In the year 1997 the answer to this question finally came and the Drifter vision began to come through and consummated into the trilogy of books completed in the year 2000. Since then a great many episodes of development have occurred as the earth readies herself for her new divine dispensation. Silverhawk explains that there is a vast "host" of people on earth at this time that are here to usher in this new dispensation and reestablish the lost Eden of long ago. He is counted among this host and strives to be an able representative that can fully explain what this is all about and what it means for the people of earth at this time. We are certainly "not alone" in this universe. Multitudes of people are calling out to God and extraterrestrials these days for assistance. We are receiving many replies from both, it would seem.

He declares that we should truly prepare ourselves for various kinds of divine contact, which will include contact with other worlds and dimensions and for the return of the master realms to our plane of life. His "Second Coming Productions" and his trilogy of books are a voice for that very divine contact. Darkness, ignorance and endless conflict have gone on long enough, he says. All creation is shifting sand and nothing last forever or stays the same. We have arrived as a world at another crux of vast changes.

The process as well as the end result of these changes is fully portrayed in Silverhawk's trilogy. He means to see this through and answer as many questions along the way as may arise. There will be many others coming forth as well to do the same. A new day is dawning upon the earth. The end of the long dark night has come. Silverhawk is like a cosmic reporter who brings good tidings to us all. By all indications in the world today the word "boredom" might henceforth be scratched from the dictionary and from human conversation altogether. So let the end and the new beginning games begin.